The Message of Love

Published in August, 1976 Sant Bani Magazine

Dear brothers and sisters in the West:

I send you Namaste and Love. Previously also I sent a message in the form of a tape recording, and it was that all brothers and sisters should be one and should meditate. Our Satguru, Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji, came into this world with the message of love, and He taught us to love. And even now we should work according to His message and teachings.

Everybody should have love for all and should meditate. We can see Him and receive His love even now, if we go in. He is all pervading -- He is residing in everybody. Unless we have more love for Him, and a keen desire to meet Him, we can't go in and see Him.

How can one love God if he or she is not loving His creation? One Saint says, "When a disciple meets a fellow disciple, both are happy and both bow down at each other's feet." This only is the Path of the bhaktas or devotees and this only is the true discipleship. But the Path is very sharp and smaller even than the size of a hair.

The Guru will not manifest where disciples do not respect each other. Saints say that the Guru will never be with those who do not have love and respect for others. So all we gurubhais [brothers and sisters in our Master] should love each other, and whenever we meet any initiate of our Master Kirpal we should be very happy to see him and should understand him as our own brother. If we are treating others badly, Master will never help us and He will never manifest within us, because our Satguru has taught us to love. Our Master Kirpal Singh Ji brought many communities and religions together on one level and one platform; can't we brothers all sit together?

Why are we lacking in all this? Because we are not doing meditation and we have forgotten the Master's message. Even now, those who are meditating are accepting the Master's message and will. And they see Him. What was the Master's message? First of all, to "know thyself." We can know ourselves only when we rise above the influence of mind and Maya; then only will we realize for ourselves who we are. We are one ray of God. Our soul is of the essence of the Oversoul. And when we experience this within us -- that we are all souls and of the essence of the Oversoul -- we see soul in everybody and we love everybody, understanding him as a soul and not the body. It doesn't matter whether he is good or bad in nature -- we have to love him, knowing that he is soul, and of the essence of the Oversoul, and that Master Kirpal is sitting in him.

It has come in my experience about Master Kirpal that He is the owner of all creation -- that He is all pervading. In water there is Kirpal; on earth there is Kirpal. It was Kirpal, it will be Kirpal, it is Kirpal. Here is Kirpal; there is also Kirpal -- that Kirpal Who gave salvation to our soul; that Kirpal Who has united us with our long-separated God, and even now Who is all pervading.

Those who are meditating can go and meet Him even today. And that Kirpal was never born; never died: and He was never in the cycle of birth and death. As long as there was Hukam [God's Will], He worked while staying in the body, and only with Hukam He left the body. He comes in the body with Hukam and leaves it with Hukam. He disappears for those people who are not doing meditations, but He never disappears for those who are doing meditations and who are contacting Him.

Why do I always praise Master Kirpal -- and why am I so grateful to Him? Consider, that if one man loses some gold, and somebody helps him to get back the gold, with which he makes many buildings and does other things -- whom do you think he will thank? Will he thank the gold? -- or that man who helped him to get back his gold? In the same way, Master Kirpal Singh Ji united us back with the long-separated God; so I am always grateful to Him that He has united me and us with our long-separated God Who resides within. That is the reason why I am always grateful to Him. He is the King of Kings -- He is the donor -- He is full of mercy, and He came down to be kind to us and to love us. Even now He is showering mercy and blessings and grace while residing in Sach Khand. He is merciful to everybody. There are no differences -- He is above the pairs of opposites.

We should also try to become beggars for His mercy and blessings, and we should become claimants of His mercy and blessings. How can we do that? We can do that when we obey Him, when we work according to His message and teachings, and when we do the practices regularly which He taught us when He initiated us.

Hazur used to say to leave a hundred urgent works for attending Satsang, and a thousand urgent works for meditating. He used to say that as our body needs food in order to work properly, in the same way our soul, which is hungry from ages and ages, also needs food. And meditation is the food of our soul. He used to say that unless you give food to your soul first, never give food to your body. First of all it is meditation. Miss the worldly affairs; but never miss meditation. So meditation is a necessity, and it is the first thing; it is most important. If we will not meditate, we will forget the message and teachings of our Master, we will be divided into parties, we will forget meditations, and we will forget Master's theme. And then lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism will conquer us.

Swami Ji says that those who are not meditating are suffering. Sleep and laziness trouble them, and they fall in illusions. So those who do not meditate become lazy and spiritually poor, and they fall in the great illusion. What is the great illusion? The great illusion is, that what we see according to our own level -- that this is my community, this is my religion, I am a learned man, I am intelligent, etc. is reality; but Saints see this world according to the other level, and they warn us that nothing will accompany you after you die, not your wealth, not your health, not your sons, not your daughters, no skill will accompany you, not your intelligence -- nothing will go with you. The only thing which will accompany you and help you is God -- Satguru, Who has initiated you and taken responsibility for you -- and Whom we are not loving today.

So Saints say that if you will not meditate, then these things will put pressure on you because lust, anger, greed, attachment, egoism, all lie within. Nothing comes from outside. If we manifest Naam within us, then "where there is Naam there will be no kam." Kam means "lust" -- and where there is lust, you can't manifest Naam within you. As day and night cannot exist at one time in one place, similarly Naam and kam cannot exist at one time in one place. When the eagle of love comes, there is no place for the small birds of sins. So everybody has to meditate; meditation is the first thing. When we will meditate, love will be manifested automatically within us. And if love is manifested within us, since God is the form of love, God is manifested within us. Guru Gobind Singh said, "I am telling you a true thing -- a true formula. Listen very carefully: Only those who love can know God."

So the first thing is meditation and the second thing is love for all. If we will meditate, love will start manifesting in us. Meditation and love go side by side. So as I told you first, when a disciple meets a fellow disciple, both should be happy seeing each other, and be respectful, and have love. And they should understand each other better than themselves. That only is bhakti or devotion. But the path of devotion is sharper than the razor's edge. We have to prepare ourselves to walk on that path. Moreover, that Path is thinner than the thickness of a hair. So we have to walk on that; we are supposed to walk on that; we have to prepare ourselves to walk on that Path. Where disciples do not have respect and love for fellow disciples, the Guru will not come.

The five dacoits will find no place where the Guru's love is there. There will be no party propaganda, and there will be no other evil things. So we have to do meditation as our Master has taught us. We should be responsible for our own selves, and we should remember that our Satguru has told us to meditate; and we should meditate. Generally what do we do? We do not meditate, but start finding fault and commenting on others and abusing others. We do not save our own house which is being burnt by the fire of lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism, but we are carrying water for others. So Kabir says that those who do not meditate but teach others will get sand in their mouths. One who is not worried about his own farm but is only concerned about others' courtyards -- what will happen to him? His farm will be destroyed.

So what do we have to do? We should think as to whether we are protecting ourselves from all of these bad deeds or not. Are we being looted by them? -- or are we protecting ourselves from them? Because the power of destruction is residing within us, and so is the power of survival. Badness is within us, and so is goodness. We have to select the path, either good or bad. If we want to meet the Satguru within, we have to choose the good path.

When Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji left the body, people celebrated the "death" anniversary on the 2nd of April. But Mastana Ji -- an advanced disciple of Baba Sawan Singh Ji (I had many chances to be with him and listen to his Satsangs) -- what did he do? He celebrated the birthday of Baba Sawan Singh Ji, and he always used to say that Master never dies. Guru Nanak also said, “My Satguru is ever and ever. He never comes; He never goes. He is immortal; He is all pervading; He never dies.” Mastana Ji had manifested Sawan Singh in him, and that was why he could say that Master never dies. He had manifested the truth within him. And when people celebrated the death anniversary, he celebrated the birthday. He used to say, “Why did you have a guru who is subjected to death and birth?" So now, as to those who are saying that Satguru Kirpal Singh has left, I truly say about them that they have never smelled the fragrance and were not aware of Master's power.

Master Kirpal -- Who is the Master of all creation and Who was never in the cycle of birth and death -- is even now residing in the higher planes. Those who are approaching Him are receiving His message and seeing Him. But those who are not approaching Him are wandering here and there and asking others. This is not a matter of asking; it is a matter of experience. Those who go to higher planes are aware of every Satsangi's position in meditation. One who is standing on a high place sees everything. There is no necessity for asking a wrestler, “Are you stronger than me?" Wrestlers know the wrestlers; Saints know the Saints. One who reaches Sach Khand knows how far the other goes; but those who are not going in, how can they know who has attained what position? If by asking they believe somebody for a while, then after a few days they do not believe because of the mind. Mind is there for deceiving. That is why Saints say, "Go in and look within, Manifest the Shabd Naam within you -- that Shabd which you can't describe in words. It is a matter of experience and seeing, so go in."

Kabir says that Shabd is not body; it is bodiless; it cannot be described in words. Go in and see that Shabd working in your body. That is why Saints and Masters give us Simran, so that we can rise above our body and reach up to that bodiless Shabd. Unless one rises above this body, and Master's body, he can never progress because neither the Guru's body is going to live forever, nor the disciple's body is going to live forever.

In reality, what is the form of the disciple? The soul is the real disciple -- not the body -- and Shabd is the only Guru. The Guru is not the body; moreover, the disciple is not the body. Our soul is the disciple of the Shabd which is working in the Saints, and that is our real Guru. When seers and sages asked Guru Nanak, "Who is your Guru?", Guru Nanak replied, "My Guru is Shabd. My soul is the disciple of the Dhun [Sound] which is coming from Sach Khand." When our soul wakes up and Shabd is manifested -- at that time every problem is settled within, and there are no questions whether our Guru is Shabd or Naam, or whether our Guru is body, or whether the Power which is never involved in birth and death is our Guru.

Kabir says that we have the body of the Guru, but we have not realized the real Shabd Guru. We are attached to the body, and as long as that body remains in front of us we say, "Yes, Sir, Yes, Sir -- Our Master, our Master," but as soon as that body goes away from us we wander here and there and go astray. What was required at that time? As long as that body was in front of us we should have taken His help to improve ourselves, to remove our shortcomings; but at that time we were never worried about meditation and progressing. And now when that body has left -- that body has gone away -- we go astray of the Path which was shown by Him. During this time also we are not seeking somebody's help to benefit ourselves. Even now those who have manifested Kirpal in them advise us to love each other and manifest the Truth in ourselves. Even now we can progress on the Path which was shown by our Master. Even now we can reach the goal if we seek somebody's help who is perfect.

Perfect Saints who have earned their meditation will never say, "I am your Guru," but on the contrary they will fill us with the love of Master Kirpal. They are here only to help us remember and to fill us with Master Kirpal's love. When Baba Sawan Singh Ji left his body -- this is a well-known fact you may be aware of -- when he left his body, at that time those who loved and came to Kirpal Singh received the same love and were benefited by Him because He was a true disciple -- a perfect Saint. He had love for and was always praising His Master, Baba Sawan Singh. Accordingly, those who went to Mastana Ji also received love and were also benefited. So Kabir says, "The Guru says to respect the Saints, and Saints say to worship the Guru. Living in the company of the Saints you can go up to Agam" (the plane above Sach Khand; the unreachable plane). A Saint says this because he has experienced that and has manifested his Guru within. He says that this is his personal experience, and we should also try and go ahead. He inspires us. We can understand him as our brother, friend, or whatever relation you feel like giving him; but he will never become your Guru.

No Saint up to now has come into this world saying that he is a Guru. Perfect Saints will never say, "I am your Guru, or Master, or Pir." Our Hazur, Master Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, always used to say, "Understand me as your brother, your friend" -- but He never said, "I am the Guru."

So now we should take benefit from any perfect Saint who has earned meditation and who is immersed in the love of Kirpal. He is intoxicated with Kirpal's love, and we can also gain something from him: we can also take a drop of love from him. The only thing is that we are not to understand him as our Guru. And moreover he will never become your Guru, but he is your true servant. He is the server of the Sangat. Hazur told me, "You have to understand yourself as a server of the Sangat -- a shoe-wiper of the Sangat." He told me that if we will become more humble, then Master will shower more grace on us, because water will always flow down to the lowest place; it will never remain on the high place. Guru Nanak also said, "Those who will become humble will get more and will carry more. The branch of a tree which carries the most fruit bows down." In the same way a perfect Saint will never understand himself as great, but shows himself as a servant -- and there is no doubt that he is the true sevadar. He helps us as a true sevadar, and helps us to remember the love which we have forgotten.

So we should take benefit of his company. All of us should sit together and love each other and remember our Master Satguru Kirpal Who is waiting even now to receive us in Sach Khand. And I tell you truly that even now, even today, if any disciple vacates the nine openings and rises above the outgoing faculties and reaches behind and between the two eyebrows, he will see how Hazur is working there -- how Hazur is present there.

If we say that we will not go to school and that the teacher should do our work -- how is that possible? It is the student's duty to go to school, and after that it is the schoolmaster's duty to teach him. Master will never come in the nine openings, so you have to vacate the nine openings and reach the place which you are shown by the Master -- behind and between the two eyebrows. So it is the duty of the disciple to reach that place behind the two eyebrows after controlling the outgoing faculties. There you will see how Master is working.

So everybody has to meditate and they should earn their meditation -- Shabd Naam -- and always feel Master Kirpal's presence at every place. See Him in all; He is sitting in all.

Thank you.

Ajaib Singh