Sant Ji's First Message to Western Disciples

Originally sent in May, 1976 and published in July, 1976 Sant Bani Magazine

Dear Satsangis, brothers and sisters:

Master Kirpal has not left us.  He is always with us and protecting us in every aspect of our life.  Master never disappears from this world.  He never dies; He is eternal.  His soul is deathless; He leaves only His physical body but His presence is still to be felt.  And we should love each other in order to carry out the teachings of our Master.

Meditation will bring peace to our soul; and if our soul is at rest and at peace, then only will we love each other.  All Satsangis are related to one another by the ties of brotherhood and sisterhood; so we should respect and love each other.  Hazur Babaji (Master Kirpal) has left a message of love for us.  It is our duty to take care of His message and follow His teaching.

If we criticize or talk ill of anybody, it is our great loss.  Our Master used to say that if we criticize others, all their sins become ours; and all our good deeds become theirs.  The one who finds fault with others always loses; so we should never do it.  Guru Nanak also says that by criticizing others we make our tongue, mouth and mind dirty; by finding fault with others we are making our way to hell.  Baba Sawan Singh also told me the same thing; that there is no taste in speaking ill of others.  He said that there is taste or pleasure in sense enjoyments, but where is the pleasure in finding fault?

So, dear brothers and sisters, I request you not to criticize any Satsangi or any other person because when anyone is initiated by a Master, the Master takes His seat within the disciple.  So if you criticize or abuse any disciple, then it is the same as if we were abusing our Master.  So I request you not to find fault with anybody, to put in more time in meditation, and Bhajan and Simran will be very good for your life.

Our Master told us to leave a hundred urgent works to attend Satsang and a thousand urgent works for meditation.  I request you to put in more time for meditation, to attend Satsang, and not to criticize anybody because criticism will not help your meditation.  It is the ones who are not meditating who are abusing others.  So you are to be careful that you are not criticizing or speaking ill or abusing, and are putting in more time for meditation.

I hope you have followed what I have said.