Christmas & New Years Message 2007

Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat Ji
Most Esteemed and Beloved Sangat of my Great Master
They are the lovely children of the Master who mould their life as Master says and wishes.
He is a Gurumukh, a true follower of the Master, who makes his own mind understand.
A Gurumukh does not find faults with anyone.
A Gurumukh forgives everyone and keeps his own heart clear and undisturbed.
Love of human beings is to love the Guru.
One who follows the orders of the Master, the Teachings and instructions of the Master, is always protected by Him.
That person has nothing to fear in all the three worlds.
One who gets initiation from the Perfect Master and lives a good life here, in the end, Master comes to take him.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says,

“Hail, Hail to my Beloved Satguru, Who reunites the separated ones.

“All Hail to the Perfect Master, by Whose grace, Nanak has won this battle.”

In this holiday time of year, May My Master’s Supreme Love, Forgiveness, Mercy and Blessings be upon all the dear sangat, here and hereafter, now and through out eternity. May you all listen to this hearty request coming from the depths of my heart: “Please do more and more Simran, so that you may receive more and more of His Grace and Blessings.”

I wish a Happy and Blessed Christmas and New Year to the dear ones in all countries, and in all places, to all hearts and souls everywhere; to the dear Sadh sangat, your families, and to all Mankind.

The wiper of your shoes,

Sadhu Ram