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Mediaseva Offers:

Free Downloads & Streaming of the entire mediaseva archive of Audio, Videos, Books in PDF, Photographs, Bhajans, Broadcasts, and materials about Children, Parenting, Health and Diet.
Available for all phones, tablets, computers, HD & UHD TVs.
If you have problems accessing the archive, refresh your browser.

Use The Mediaseva Catalog, if needed, to look up a specific Satsang or anything from the archive, further described below:

  • Audio and Videos of current and past Masters, including Sant Sadhu Ram Ji, Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, Master Kirpal Singh Ji, Baba Somanath Ji, and Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Available for free to stream (watch online) or to download (for cells, tablets, computers, HD and UHD TVs), and to purchase on DVDs (from remaining stock), and on Hard Drives: thumb drives or cards,   or TV Collection Drives (digital units that connect to any TV).

  • Books: PDFs for free download, or for sale in hard copy or CDROM.

  • Photographs and art work of all the Masters, available for free download. You can also order prints, from small photographs to giant posters, for a fee.

  • Bhajans of Sant Mat, from Kabir Sahib to Sant Sadhu Ram Ji.

  • Daily & Live Broadcasts and latest info.  Help & Instructions (learn to use the Santmat channel)   Broadcast Details (Replaying & programming details).

  • Parenting Resources, Health & Diet: Material for children, teens, those new to the Path and for everyone on the Path, to help review and refresh one's understanding and efforts. Videos, Saturday Satsangs, links, quotes and ideal readings to learn the basics of Sant Mat and the Vegetarian Diet. Under the "Kids & Diet" button from the top menu. Quick links: Saturday Satsangs page (Children Broadcasts)   Family Life (for parents).

Our goal is to make these teachings available, regardless of finances. This is a non-profit service; pricing of DVDs, CDs, Books, Magazines and shipping reflects the costs involved, plus supplies. If you experience financial hardship, we will do our best to provide what you need.

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