mediaseva distributes the teachings of Sant Mat, as taught by Sant Sadhu Ram Ji (Baba Ji), and His Guru Param Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj (Sant Ji).

Essential Teachings for initiates and seekers after Truth are in:
     A Way of Life for Sant Mat

Mediaseva offers:

  • Videos of current and past Masters, including Master Kirpal Singh Ji, Baba Somanath Ji, and Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Available for free to stream or download, and to purchase on DVDs, iPods and TV Collections.

  • Books as PDFs for free download, or for sale in hard copy or CDROM.

  • Bhajans of Sant Mat, from Kabir Sahib to Sant Sadhu Ram Ji.

  • Downloads & Streaming of the entire mediaseva archive to phones, tablets and Hi Def TVs.

  • Live Broadcasts of the Master. Latest News are posted below.

  • Parenting Resources: Material for children, teens, those new to the Path, and for everyone on the Path to help review and refresh one's understanding and efforts. Videos, links, quotes and ideal readings to learn the basics of Sant Mat and the Vegetarian Diet.
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Our goal is to make these teachings available, regardless of financial need. This is a non-profit service; the pricing of DVDs, CDs, Books, Magazines and shipping reflects the costs involved plus some supplies. If it is difficult for you to order due to financial hardship, we will do our best to provide what you need.

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Latest News & Additions

February 1st: Added NEW BHAJANS by Master Sadhu Ram, #235 to 249.

DOWNLOADS & STREAMING December 2019 Program ready.
July: Added tutorials for downloads.
Mar. 30: All Sant Ji now on Virtual Tablet.
Mar.7: Simran by Master Kirpal, in books and Main Server (Public).
BHAJANS Feb 1: Added #235 - 249. Nov.6/19: Added NEW Bhajan Page. Please read BEFORE downloading new Bhajans. 208 to 234 added Jul 2019.
KIDS & DIET Feb.19, 2019 - Completely revised and upgraded page, with constant updates coming.

PUNJABI SATSANGS Latest additions are from Jan-March, 2018.
BANITALIA ITALIANO i file aggiornati dicono NUOVO. L'ultimo Kirpal-Sottotítolli: Luglio 15, 2019 Come Sviluppare Amore per Dío (per un totale di 12)
Nov.26, 2018 Nuovi MP3 e PDF: Domande e Risposte
CASTELLANO Oprima arriba el botón "Español" para ver toda la página.
La carpeta Sant Mat Castellano alberga Kirpal-Subtítulos y todo el material en Español.

LIVE BROADCASTS Info about the Sant Mat Channels and a schedule guide to help with the time-change from Delhi.
TV COLLECTIONS Nov.6/19 Added tutorials to update phones & iPods from a TVC. Leelboxes and Brinonacs temporarily out of stock. Miccas and Hard Drives available.
BOOKS For Bhajan books & Inserts, Essence of Spirituality, Wiper of the Sangat's Shoes and Healthy Living e-mail mediaseva.

MASTER KIRPAL w/SUBTITLES Updated files say NEW. Current total: 12 videos. Last added:
Jul.15, 2019 How to Develop Love for God. Under Downloads & Streaming (both servers).
PICTURE GALLERY Latest additions: Dec. 2017 Program
iPODs Nov. 6/19: Added Tutorials for iPods. Two models are available, as well as an SD card-USB drive.

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